Pi 8 LED & 8 Button
Perfect way to learn how to use the GPIO pins.
Plugs into the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector.
Has eight bright green LED's and eight momentary switches.
For a more detailed discription see
For assembly and JAVA programing see
The normall connector sent mounts directly to the Raspberry Pi.
A box header is available at no charge but you must request it with your order.
Does not include Raspberry Pi or case. Requires assembly.

There are a few important items when assembling the board.

The LED's and resistor packs must be installed in the correct direction.
Note how the LED has two different lengths. The long leed must be towards the connector.
The resistor packs must also be installed correctly. Notice how the text can be seen when looking at the board from the bottom. Only RP1 and RP3 are used.
LONG leed

SHORT leed

MUST see text on resistor pack
MUST see text on resistor pack