Check your parts.
4 resistors
4 switches
1 black 26 pin female connector
1 16 pin header
1 trim pot (blue box)
1 PC board
Install 4 resistors and solder them.
Install 4 switches and solder them

Install potemometer and solder it.
You will need to bend leads as shown.
Now get the display and pin header.
From the bottom of the display install pins.
The longer side is on top in this picture,
Flip display over and solder on top of display.
You may want to use some tape to hold pins in place.
Solder one pin. Then straiten pins and solder remaining pins
Install display on board.
Flip board over and solder display pins to PC board.
Add 26 pin female header to bottom of board.
Flip board over.
Solder the 26 pin female connector from the top side of board.